This high-wire act was shown to British cinema-goers before Christmas, and is very different from any Economist ad we’ve ever produced before. I would love to know which city provides the stunning backdrop, if anyone recognises it?

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  2. akiraly answered: budapest, hungary
  3. idontlikebeingold answered: Paris
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    why, it’s Budapest :)
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    help me out!
  6. muhhself answered: Istanbul?
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    budapest indeed. parisian yard, astoria, nyugati square
  8. uniquetechnique answered: Budapest, by my best observation (There was a sign for BKV Tours in the background at one point)
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    Check out this really beautiful Ad by The Economist. It looks a lot like Budapest, and many of the commentors say it is...
  10. tastingthedistrict answered: It does look a lot like Budapest
  11. ilyagerner answered: Looks like Budapest.
  12. electro-clarifier answered: Budapest
  13. vidamsertestenyesztes answered: Budapest, Hungary
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