Our tips for Tumblr Tuesday

Needless to say - we’d love your recommendation!

But if you’ve already tipped your hat to us in weeks past - or simply find us dull as dishwater - here’s a handful of ideas from our own follow list.

Correlationstonone, mikehudack, soupsoupparislemon and ilovecharts are prolific bloggers and regular rebloggers: as for old-media, our colleagues at European VoiceForeign Affairs and The Atlantic are consistently engaging.  

Alternatively, we’d love to know who you think we should be following. Recommendations, please?

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  3. watchtog answered: LA lifestyle photoblog: www.watc…
  4. competent4u answered: google.com/reader/…
  5. videofollies answered: Me!
  6. misterpuk answered: datavis.tumblr.com
  7. pdvenezia answered: italianieuropei.tumblr….
  8. philipyana answered: Me?
  9. rebeccalando answered: wcfoodies.tumblr.com !
  10. almaswithinalmas answered: afghanipoppy
  11. straymessages answered: ahypertrophiedmemory
  12. houseofcheung answered: fuckyeahstreetlights
  13. lifetimestudent answered: JayParkinsonMD for a refreshing perspective on the healthcare industry
  14. shellypolitik answered: wellesleyunderground
  15. minusmanhattan answered: Me, obviously.
  16. kohenari answered: Well, me, of course!
  17. jnathanael answered: visualoop
  18. joberholtzer answered: thank you for giving ilovecharts a shout!
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  21. theplaceforpolitics answered: theplaceforpolitics.tumblr.com and threeframes.net
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  23. juliefredrickson said: Bravo for this little bit. You should follow ArtSheSaid.com. New art project by Ann Taylor. It’s my baby.
  24. roxanstone answered: finally you’re interacting and not just linking to stories on your website! keep it up!
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