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His life ended in a haze of vodka and cocaine, the self-belief perhaps slightly dented, the self-delusion as strong as ever.
Jonathan Keith “Jack” Idema, American fortune hunter and confidence trickster, died on January 21st, aged 55. Our obituary remembers him.
The nie nie zu (the “crush-crush tribe”) are so named because they go into supermarkets and take out their frustration by standing in the aisles crushing packets of instant noodles.
Who knew China was tribal? The diversification of Chinese society has seen a flowering of a new vocabulary. Perhaps most fascinating has been the division of people into tribes (zu in Mandarin).
Anyone who sees an emergency can call a central number. A smartphone app instantly alerts the nearest first aider, who may be only a block away, standing behind a deli counter or dozing in a meeting.
A charity in Israel is using ubiquitous gadgets to co-ordinate an army of volunteer first aiders. With sufficient backing, they say the scheme could enable them to respond to nearly any emergency call within 90 seconds.
Many people are just waiting to be told they can fight back
A young professional from Homs sums up the mood on Syria’s streets. As the country’s civil unrest looks ever more like civil war, imams preaching non-violence may be the last barrier holding back a surge to arms.
In a profession which specialises in hypocrisy, Mr Gingrich’s performance stands out.
Newt Gingrich harried Bill Clinton for having sex with an intern 27 years his junior when he was having sex with a staffer 23 years younger than himself. His arrogance, meanwhile, verges on monomania. He once wrote of himself as the “definer of the forces of civilisation”.
Mr Dotcom went out of his way to attract attention—and not just by changing his surname from Schmitz. He surrounded himself with glamorous women and fast cars bearing number plates such as “GUILTY”. He likened himself to Dr Evil, a movie villain, though he looks more like Dr Evil’s henchman, Fat Bastard.
Mongolia is being dug up and sold to China
Our correspondent travels to Ulaanbaatar, capital of the country likely to grow faster than any other in the next decade. Mongolia has a chance of becoming a Qatar or a Brunei: a country that has only a small population but almost all of it, in global terms, loaded.
Parenting is just one part of a French mother’s life, alongside stilettos and a briefcase, not the high- investment, all-consuming project it has become to over-anxious parents in New York or London.
Ever since “French Women Don’t Get Fat” became a bestseller in America a few years ago, a new genre has emerged devoted to the failings that French women don’t possess. Now a new book turns attention to the impossibly well-mannered offspring of these impossibly chic women.
We’re doing it for the kids
A fourth-grade teacher in Chester, Pennsylvania, explains why teachers and other school staff have agreed to work for nothing. The local school district’s bank account is almost empty, but it owes suppliers $4m.
Remember the old joke about the dim tailor who makes a loss on each piece of clothing but hopes to make it up in volume?
That describes the market for flat-panel screens for televisions. Why do none of the firms that produce liquid crystal display (LCD) panels make money from it?
Teachers in black state schools work an average of 3.5 hours a day, compared with 6.5 hours in the former white state schools known as “Model C”. A fifth of teachers are absent on Fridays, rising to a third at the end of the month. The education minister herself admits that 80% of schools are still “dysfunctional”.
Officially, 25% of South Africans are unemployed; the real figure is probably nearer 40%. Some accuse the country’s education system of churning out candidates that are largely unemployable.
The SNP leader has a right to argue for Scottish independence. But to make that case, he is seeking to make the English into foreigners, and deny millions of hyphenated Britons, from Anglo-Scots to black British, the country in which they feel at home, Britain. That is not a progressive act, nor a modern one. Warm words about friendship between neighbours cannot excuse it.
In his determination to dismember Britain, Scotland’s leader has allies among English Conservatives. But there are reasons sharply to distrust Alex Salmond’s vision of the Scots and English shaking hands over the corpse of Great Britain.
Bed-bugs can drink seven times their own weight in blood in a night, leaving itchy welts on the victim’s skin and blood spots on his sheets as they do so.
Neither five-star hotels nor top-notch apartments have been spared bed-bug infestation in New York, and hoteliers from London to Los Angeles are getting nervous. Now two researchers have come up with a bed-bug trap baited with something the bugs find irresistible—the smell of their own droppings.
Lucifer, V8, Anal, Christ: these are among the baby names rejected by New Zealand’s department of internal affairs, who recently released a comprehensive list of those disallowed by registrars in the past ten years. Disappointed parents included those wishing to christen their offspring with numbers (89), letters (J, I, T) and punctuation marks (*)
Few decisions are more personal than the naming of offspring. Yet laws regulating parents’ choices are common around the world.