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On February 11th more than 5,000 developers and bloggers gathered in Yangon, the main city of Myanmar, one of the world’s most tech-starved places. The star speaker was the country’s opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.
Myanmar’s government continues to surprise the world with its new-found tolerance for change. The country has lowered its firewalls and opened access to social-media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Jackson stands out for his “fantastic libido” and highly productive semen
Many of the young elephants in America’s zoos have been sired by only one bull. Conservationists hope that 15 litres of frozen elephant semen, awaiting export from South Africa, will help freshen up the gene pool.
No one has yet argued for votes for whales and dolphins. But considering some of the politicians who manage to get themselves chosen by human electorates, maybe it would not be such a bad idea.
Should whales be afforded the same inalienable civil rights as humans? Some academics find the idea compelling.
We are tired of being an unwilling party to what appears to be a deliberate attempt to deceive voters and swindle investors.
We are removing Argentina’s official inflation figures from our economic indicators page. Find out why.
Educated models are in. This may sound improbable. In the film “Zoolander”, male models are portrayed as so dumb that they play-fight with petrol and then start smoking. But such stereotypes are so last year.
The beauty business is being transformed as brainy models and a global talent pool change the catwalk.
In our Web 3.0 world, as we share our identities so publicly with everyone else, standing out from the crowd, raising one’s voice against collective conventionality, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Does society benefit when we share personal information online? Or do social networks prompt us to publish unhealthy amounts of personal data, while little enriching our lives? Author Andrew Keen and journalism professor Jeff Jarvis lead the arguments in our debate.

His life ended in a haze of vodka and cocaine, the self-belief perhaps slightly dented, the self-delusion as strong as ever.
Jonathan Keith “Jack” Idema, American fortune hunter and confidence trickster, died on January 21st, aged 55. Our obituary remembers him.
The nie nie zu (the “crush-crush tribe”) are so named because they go into supermarkets and take out their frustration by standing in the aisles crushing packets of instant noodles.
Who knew China was tribal? The diversification of Chinese society has seen a flowering of a new vocabulary. Perhaps most fascinating has been the division of people into tribes (zu in Mandarin).
Anyone who sees an emergency can call a central number. A smartphone app instantly alerts the nearest first aider, who may be only a block away, standing behind a deli counter or dozing in a meeting.
A charity in Israel is using ubiquitous gadgets to co-ordinate an army of volunteer first aiders. With sufficient backing, they say the scheme could enable them to respond to nearly any emergency call within 90 seconds.
Many people are just waiting to be told they can fight back
A young professional from Homs sums up the mood on Syria’s streets. As the country’s civil unrest looks ever more like civil war, imams preaching non-violence may be the last barrier holding back a surge to arms.