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China’s territorial disputes

What drives grade inflation at Ivy League colleges?

Digital advertising: Tracking the trackers

The Economist explains: Who can vote in Scotland’s independence referendum

Live chart: Why America grows faster when a Democrat is in the White House

Why London is the most expensive city to build in

How a tattoo affects your job prospects

Messi v the Machines: A look at the RoboCup in Brazil where robots show their football skills and push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Their goal is to produce a team of robots that is capable of defeating the World Cup champions by 2050

Parenting in America: Well-to-do parents worry about two things: the safety of their children and whether they will get into Harvard. Our US editor reckons they should just relax

Keeping politicians honest

'Oppo' firms trawl through hours of video looking for dumb comments made by political opponents. Our US editor explains. 

Redrawing the map of Europe

Imagine a world in which countries could move just easily as people. Our suggestion for a rearranged Europe, published in May 2010, is just as relevant now. 

The Economist explains: How could marinating your meat in beer before grilling possibly be better for your health?  A new study explains the benefits of brew

The week explained: Iraq, phone-hacking, and the sanctity of smartphones in America

Can the US and Europe avoid a lost economic decade? In this video clip from The Economist’s annual Buttonwood Gathering, Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive of PIMCO, considers ways to halt the continued global recession.  

Lawrence Summers, president emeritus of Harvard University, argues that one of the main causes of the euro zone crisis was that people believed in “the triumph of politics over economics”. Learn why he thinks economics matters in a clip from The Economist’s annual Buttonwood Gathering.